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Why was W. Edwards Deming such a total badass?

I’m a huge W. Edwards Deming fanboy. He was a total badass in so many ways. Let me explain why. In the very early 1990s, I was fortunate to meet a couple of really smart people. Stuart Cart was a researcher at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He was friends with another guy, Dr. Christopher Cruden. Dr.…

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What Is A Minimum Viable Campaign (MVC)?

In the world of startups, business model development, and customer discovery, there is a concept called the “Minimum Viable Product”, or MVP for short. Minimum Viable Product was popularized by Eric Ries when he published his book, “The Lean Startup”. Eric is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who applied lean management principles to starting a new…

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What Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

One of the biggest problems for any business owner is the difficulty in determining the return on marketing activities, and even how to prioritize or budget for specific marketing efforts. So in order to get to the basics of how we construct a marketing strategy, we need to understand a few fundamentals. One of these…

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Chaos is the Norm for New Business Models


When talking to even seasoned digital marketing folks, I often hear something to the effect of, “The things we did that worked for us on the internet even two years ago are no longer working for us today.” When I look back at even the past two to three years, things are so radically different…

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