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First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Derek Sivers was the founder of CD Baby. For those who don’t remember, for about 20 years, CDs were the preferred method of packaging and distributing music. Derek wanted to make it easier for artists to sell their CDs direct to their audiences. Then he sold the company. As impressive as that was, I believe…

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You need a model of influence in your B2B marketing

My wife is a fitness and healthy living buff. She follows various online fitness folks. Natalie Jill really seems to be doing a decent job of promoting herself in the space. My wife happens to follow Natalie on Facebook. When my wife decided she needed a new pair of cross-trainer shoes, she posted her question…

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How to Map an Influencer Marketing Strategy With a Buyer Behavior Model

Any successful marketing effort starts with the basic understanding of behavioral psychology of the target customer as it relates to decision-making. And in particular, as it relates to the decision to buy something.

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Influencer Marketing Isn’t About The Influencer

I really love pizza. I even consider myself a pizza expert to a certain degree. I’ve eaten lots of different kinds of pizza all over the world. I know a lot about pizza because I’ve eaten a lot of pizza. What does that have to do with influencer marketing? More about that later.

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