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CES 2017: Naughty America VR – Virtual Reality porn goes mainstream


Wandering down the aisles of the VR exhibitors at the Las Vegas Convention center, we ended up passing a fairly inconspicuous doorway open to a sidebar conference room area. The room was full of people wearing VR headsets, and when I looked in further, it was apparent why this exhibit wasn’t on the main floor……

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How Are You Defining Your Marketing Data Goals?

As a business executive, my marketing operations team can only effectively deliver marketing data and information to me based on the goals and guidelines that I establish. In particular, the goals I establish in my marketing and sales are what drives my company’s marketing and sales performance. As the captain of the ship, only I can…

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The Technology Engineer Versus The Technology Evangelist

It’s always an interesting dynamic to observe the reaction by many engineering-focused individuals in a deeply technical community towards those who transcend out of the direct, functional, day-to-day application of their technical skills into that of an information architect or technology evangelist who designs platforms and solutions in response to business problems.

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Three Different Perspectives of Business Information and Data

Do discussions with your colleagues frequently result in confusion and even conflict over the difference in understanding and vocabulary?

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