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Defy Ventures – Step to the Line

I was first introduced to Defy Ventures and their mission at FounderCon, the Techstars global annual conference that was held in Cincinnati in October of 2016. The mission resonated with me deeply and I keep track of what they’re doing. Defy Ventures is an entrepreneurship, employment, and character development training program for currently and formerly…

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Startup Funding 101: How to Get Started with Adeo Ressi

Learn the basics of startup funding from Founder Institute CEO, Adeo Ressi. Listen in as he breaks it down and runs through the starting point basics with Onevest founder, Shahab Kaviani.

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Growth stage strategy for next stage startup growth

An MBA graduate in business or finance understands there’s a finite number of financial models that create the foundation for any and all business. I don’t care what kind of business innovation or invention someone creates… the science of moving money is pretty stable and has a long, long tradition.

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What the heck is Keiretsu Forum?

This morning was the Keiretsu Forum Midwest meeting in Cincinnati. Keiretsu Forum is a global angel investor network that syndicates venture investing in solid Series A rounds for emerging startups who have gained some traction. Sotiris Pagdadis is the director of Keiretsu Forum Midwest. Aside from being one heck of a nice guy, he’s also…

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No, you probably don’t need startup investment right now

“I need money to make my idea work!” Working in the startup world, this is something I hear over and over and over. Early stage founders come bouncing into the walled fortress of the accelerator office, all with bright and shiny ideas raring to go. Nearly all of them are looking for startup investment.

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What is a Term Sheet?

So you’ve got big dreams of Mark Zuckerberg fame and fortune with your startup. Okay, cool. But you’re going to need some money to pull it off. It takes money to make money, and if you don’t come from a wealthy family in Lichtenstein, you might end up with a term sheet as the first…

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