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Go With Your Gut Feeling

Magnus Walker is an interesting guy. Growing up as a poor kid in Sheffield, England, he was not exactly the likely candidate for fulfilled dreams. Especially when his dream was that of a Porsche enthusiast. But undaunted, he forged through life until events and circumstances led him to success – and the fulfillment of his…

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Startup Funding 101: How to Get Started with Adeo Ressi

Learn the basics of startup funding from Founder Institute CEO, Adeo Ressi. Listen in as he breaks it down and runs through the starting point basics with Onevest founder, Shahab Kaviani.

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CES 2017: Naughty America VR – Virtual Reality porn goes mainstream


Wandering down the aisles of the VR exhibitors at the Las Vegas Convention center, we ended up passing a fairly inconspicuous doorway open to a sidebar conference room area. The room was full of people wearing VR headsets, and when I looked in further, it was apparent why this exhibit wasn’t on the main floor……

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CES 2017: Techstars Eureka Park


CES is an awesome place for tech in general. If you really wanted to find a high concentration of emerging, disruptive tech, Techstars’ Eureka Park was the place to be. Incidentally, it was the place I spent probably the most time talking to all the startups and innovators. Eureka Park was at the Sands Convention…

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Why was W. Edwards Deming such a total badass?

I’m a huge W. Edwards Deming fanboy. He was a total badass in so many ways. Let me explain why. In the very early 1990s, I was fortunate to meet a couple of really smart people. Stuart Cart was a researcher at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He was friends with another guy, Dr. Christopher Cruden. Dr.…

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Startup Founders, sometimes you have to just tell fear to go fuck itself


Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He said these words as a way of comforting a country devastated by a harsh depression. This was part of his inaugural speech for his first term. The meaning of Roosevelt’s statement was to face your fears and not be paralyzed…

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MORTAR x The Iron Chest Co. present the #100FOR100 fundraising campaign

MORTAR is encouraging 100 individuals, businesses or organizations to donate any amount from $100 to $1,000 to The Iron Chest Fund. The #100FOR100 CAMPAIGN encourages Cincinnatians of diverse economic backgrounds to support our most promising neighborhood businesses. The Iron Chest Fund is MORTAR’S newest venture that will help under-resourced entrepreneurs secure start-up funding. MORTAR is launching…

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Growth stage strategy for next stage startup growth

An MBA graduate in business or finance understands there’s a finite number of financial models that create the foundation for any and all business. I don’t care what kind of business innovation or invention someone creates… the science of moving money is pretty stable and has a long, long tradition.

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Going slow so you can go fast


In high speed police chases, there’s something that sometimes happens to the pursuing officer called “tunnel vision”. This phenomenon is when an officer focuses on the suspect vehicle and his or her visual acuity eliminates everything else around them. Tunnel vision has led to horrific crashes and unintended consequences due to the officer’s peripheral vision literally…

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