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Leadership information superiority is the path to opportunity


Holy moly, that’s a mouthful of a title. Ok, let’s simplify it. If you have superior information, you’ll have more opportunity. As the future is uncertain, the only thing relatively clear is that much of what we will experience in the future will be different from the past.

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No, you probably don’t need startup investment right now

“I need money to make my idea work!” Working in the startup world, this is something I hear over and over and over. Early stage founders come bouncing into the walled fortress of the accelerator office, all with bright and shiny ideas raring to go. Nearly all of them are looking for startup investment.

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Techstars FounderCon 2016 in Cincinnati

HilesFiles & Brad Feld

What a whirlwind experience. This year Techstars held their global conference, FounderCon, right in my own, beloved backyard of Cincinnati. It was really great for the StartupCincy community to have so many dedicated startup tech entrepreneurs and investors on our own home turf.

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Founder Institute Cincinnati Fall 2016: Revenue Models


As if it weren’t an already crazy busy week with Techstars FounderCon here in Cincinnati this week, we’re having our usual Wednesday night Founder Institute meetup. This week’s major focus is Revenue Models.

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Founder Institute Cincinnati Fall 2016 VIP Launch Party

This is it! After a long summer of recruiting, we’re launching the first inaugural semester of Founder Institute Cincinnati. Last evening was the VIP launch party for the founders, families, and friends. We enjoyed a lot of camaraderie, drinks, discussions, and encouragement for everyone endeavoring to complete the program.

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Why Join The Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is the WORLD’s LARGEST network of entrepreneurs and mentors. If you are up to the challenge, our comprehensive step-by-step curriculum will give you the structure, mentor support, and global network you need to start an enduring company. Many leaders of the world’s fastest-growing startups have used the program to transition from employee to…

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How to start a startup in Cincinnati – Founder Institute Cincinnati Fall 2016

Last evening we held a huge event for the launch of Founder Institute Cincinnati. #StartupCincy: How to Start a Startup in Cincinnati was a big success with over 200 people in attendance.

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Be careful what you say


There was once a woman who lived in a little village. She was the town gossip, constantly talking about her neighbors, friends, and even family. She secretly enjoyed the chaos she created. One day, after fewer and fewer people would speak to her, the woman had an epiphany. She realized she had been hurting the…

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How I Taught Myself Information Architecture In Eighth Grade English Class

I’m always amused at the reaction to my response when people ask, “You’ve been programming for a really long time, you must be really good in math.” My answer is usually something like, “No, I’m TERRIBLE at math, that’s why I started programming. I am much better at English.” They’re like… wha? Huh? A Kid And A…

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Keiretsu Forum Midwest August 2016

This morning was the Keiretsu Forum Midwest meeting in Cincinnati. Keiretsu Forum is a global angel investor network that syndicates venture investing in solid Series A rounds for emerging startups who have gained some traction.

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