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How to Spot a Lie From a Former CIA Officer

One of the more important components of successful business relationships is trust. In my own experience, whenever my trust has been broken by someone, there were always clues. All the way down to subsconscious signals my brain was receiving, which likely translated into some gut feeling or intuition that was ultimately ignored. That’s when the bad stuff happens.

I’ve made it a point to learn how to bring those subconscious signals to the conscious front vs. leaving something to intuition that can be more easily ignored.

This is an interesting discussion by a former CIA officer, who takes a different approach from the normal things like scratching the nose, closed body language, etc… I’ve always thought that was a bunch of subjective bullshit – what if someone has a sunburn on their nose or stands with their arms locked because they were cold? Great video to learn a different perspective.

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