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Stages of Startup Business Operations

A while back, I did a workshop session for a group of new startup founders. The topic of discussion was the stages of operations development for early stage companies.

This is a particularly challenging issue for founding teams. Especially when it’s a single founder who is trying to sell and keep revenue coming into the front door.

There are some key characteristics of the operational development, along with some specific challenges. In fact, most early stage companies never get past phase three. It requires a lot of effort to establish scalable systems. But these systems are essential if a company ever wants to achieve that coveted hockey stick growth stage.

I ended up compiling a bunch of stuff from this workshop together. If you’re interested in getting it all for free, check out the Kickass Startup Guide to Standard Operating Procedures.

Give me some feedback on in the comments below. I want to continue to expand on the topic and even launch a full-blown online course.


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