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The History of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term that digital marketing people love to kick around these days. No bullshit here. I can’t stand the term. Yes, I use it. A lot. But that’s because I am speaking to my audience, who uses this term to somehow or another make it distinct from other kinds of marketing. The…

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How Storytelling Defines A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Storytelling is a universal language that spans culture and generation. Without a story, a marketing campaign simply cannot garner people’s attention, rouse them to passionate engagement, and ultimately induce them to behave in such a way that reflects their own desire to change themselves or their world. This can be an incredibly complex effort –…

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How Can Enterprise Content Management Help Your Organization?

Enterprise content management (ECM) is essentially a systematic approach to facilitating the information assets, documents, files, etc… within an organization in such a way that creates efficiency and helps people do their jobs better.

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