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DANGER! Avoid these two destructive approaches to your marketing

Through the years, I’ve worked with a lot of clients. All of them were trying to figure out the magic bullet solution to market and sell. Two common themes can be found in almost every business marketing organization that drive the overall efforts. Both of these themes are big problems, and in the modern era…

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Agile Marketing? Why isn’t marketing managed like software development?

With the rise of the web, social, and mobile, I don’t have to work hard to convince anyone in a marketing department about the overwhelming shift in marketing focus to digital platforms. Whether a small business is simply leveraging their Facebook Page to promote local specials, or a large brand is using sentiment analysis tools…

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Is Your Marketing Process Broken?

Inbound marketing and closed loop marketing strategies have become the hot, new topic for many senior executives. Thanks to marketing technology and the creation of new business models, the world of digital marketing has given new meaning to the way we do business.

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10 Marketing Rules for Business Leadership

Business leaders and decision-makers often struggle with marketing in the digital era. Here are 10 Marketing Rules for Business Leadership:

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